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That's a fun illustration... well done

Eye Portrait Eye Portrait

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Get more work up and ill scout you...

emo panda emo panda

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yeah tin eye gave you away pretty hardcore boss... please submit some original work

shredder1232 responds:

thanks for the advice but listen if you dont know whats original dont say anything

portrait of a friend portrait of a friend

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yeah sorry boss, not buying it, really looks like your taking the smudge brush and messing up photos to appear to be paintings....

If you PM me a full painting process from beginning to end I will be more than happy to scout you because if you are really just THAT good with value and color I'd like to see the process.

Road Kamelot Road Kamelot

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Love you buddy

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Bilbo Baggins Bilbo Baggins

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wellll done


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well done.. im glad someone on here knows how to really nail anime nudity... you deserve more views!

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bocodamondo responds:

thanks man ^^

gargouille gargouille

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Your coloring is having problems becuase your values are all off... I suggest you work the in grayscale first.

For example: you have your values receding as if the peice was going from foreground to background in an environmental paint. The value shifts would not lighten out that radically at all... the left side (her right) leg and arm are wayyyy pushed back with the stomach and chest in the same value range as the right side (her left).. I suggest you do some value studies and master your grayscale before worrying about color man. Adding a color to a good value map is very easy and will almost always work.. it will make your life easier.

Aside from that, i think its a cool concept and well done on the gesture! Its really fluid. Just keep working those fundamentals man :D

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RimKeLLo responds:

It's good critique man thank you
It's really useful to get that sort of "punch", to open your eyes and go to right direction.

Rissing Rissing

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my dawg

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Corruption Corruption

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Wicked as always

Waveloop responds:

Thanks bro!